There seems to be a movement these days away from having a CMS power your site, to again having flat files stored in folders. The flat files are generated by a tool that combines your markdown/html pages with templates. Very cool and clever stuff, and probably a great answer for many of the use cases out there for a personal site. I’ve been playing with Pelican; really simple and cool.

I’ve also been messing with Ember.js, which is a JS based MVC framework. It seems to be really geared towards single page, UI heavy web applications. It gives logical structure to these types of apps, while making things like JSON parsing and API calls easier. The flip side – it seems to make building simple things a little more complex than just chucking jquery at your html. The example todo app made me feel a little uncertain about the whole thing – why should i have a slew of js includes, extended classes and new syntax to learn just to make text boxes editable? I ask that with a grain of salt, because I think I could see this being a great answer for an application that reaches a certain level of complexity; and the “todo” app was just for demo/learning purposes….anyway, verdict is still out by I do like learning it. So I’ll keep doing that.

I’ve messed a little with Node.js as well. I’m planning a node project right now. It’s really awesome; so I’m going to figure out something to do with it. I’m getting lazy tonight, but I’ll make a separate post about it later on.


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