I'm pretty awesome, but not perfect. I know, it's weird to think about that...handsome, clever, bearded...I mean, what's the drawback to this guy?

One thing that frustrates me about me is that I have too many interests, and many of them are expensive and time intensive. I have three small children, so I don't get a ton of me time. Examples of my interests are:

  • Electronics
  • Painting
  • Programming
  • Writing
  • Science
  • Music - making and listening
  • Movies
  • Scotch
  • Resin toy making
  • Not being outside
  • Video games

It's a busy house when you have three small children. There is always something that must be done for someone. Someone wanting something. Someone crying. Now, I love my kids guys. Don't even start in with all that. All I'm saying is that if you have 3,000 hobbies and three kids, you aren't going to do those hobbies very much.

What's to be done? I've considered giving up sleeping, but my eyes just close at some point and jack that plan right up. Thanks, Obama.

So, there is my plight. Too many interests, not enough time. I know one day the kids will all be grown and I'll be sad they are off at college and my house is empty. I know it. But meanwhile, how do you fit it all in? What do other people do?


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