I see something in the tech community that bothers me; it happens far too often. A newcomer pops up with a question (a decent question - some obvious Googling has already happened) and some self-righteous numbskull responds with a really unhelpful, insulting answer. What is it that drives some people to just be arrogant? Why join a community, or respond to a post, if you aren't willing to be a positive part of that community?

I've been around the block, and it is infuriating when someone pops up on the Python group and says something like "Python can make numbers go plus? How install Python?". I'm not talking about those guys. Be mean to them.

I'm talking about the guys who show up with a good, well formed thought.

I like to see technology communities grow and thrive. Please be nice to newbies and kids; they are the future and have something to offer.

Anyway...don't be a tool.


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