The Amazon Echo is a Disruptive Device

How do you know a device is disruptive? When you can't go back to the way you used to do things before you had the device.

As you know, the Amazon Echo is a metal tube that contains an array of microphones and speakers. After you get it set up, you can talk to it and have it perform several tasks for you:

  • It can play music from your Amazon library
  • It can play music from Amazon Prime
  • It can read you the news
  • It can tell you the weather
  • It can tell you a joke
  • It can repeat something you say to it ( this is a gimmick at the moment, but fun sometimes )
  • It can adjust it's volume on demand
  • Add things to your shopping list
  • Add things to your to-do list

I love it - I get up in the morning and as it the weather. I ask it to read the news while I make coffee. I ask it to play music when I'm cooking or hanging out with the kids.

My kids love it - they shout at it to tell them jokes (all the jokes are tame "dad jokes", so no fear here) and they ask it to play kids music. And, unfortunately, they ask it to play Hamster Dance and the soundtrack from Frozen all the time.

What I find now is that I get in my car and shout "Alexa" - like the device is with me in my car. It's weird.

How Amazon got this product so right is a combination of two things - the microphones work very well. They hear you. The computer understands me 99% of the time. And the device responds quick enough that you aren't frustrated with it.

The speakers are more than adequate for a bedroom or living room music player.

In summary, I love the Amazon Echo. Get you one. Treat yo self.


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