How Home Automation Should Work

When I drive into my driveway, the house should know I'm home quick enough to open the garage door. I drive into my garage, and my phone should start uploading my documents, music, media to my home server with cloud replication. This should happen every time, without me doing anything.

The door unlocks. I go in, I put my phone in a slot. File synching continues, the house (via my Amazon Echo or Jarvis like device) greets me. And it's listening for me to greet and speak to it.

My phone has well over two terabytes of storage. Did I mention that?

Anyway, any room I walk into before bedtime lights up. After I tell the house I'm going to bed, only night lights light up.

I can speak to the house from anywhere. Any file or document I've touched ever is available to me on any tv or monitor in the house. Every seat in the house has a keyboard available within reach, in case there is productive work to do.

The house knows how many people are in the house and where.

The house monitors the sounds of our hearts and respiration.

I'm sure there is more, but let's start there.


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