I've been considering ways to start generating traffic to my sites. For this site, a blog for Smith Ellis, my only plan is to generate content that might be interesting for technologists and web nerds. But for my other properties, I'm balancing time vs. value.

For instance, ThriftKid isn't going to have constantly updated content. Once I get it set up like I want it, the only content (right now) I plan to change will be adding products or updating resources. I don't foresee a blog or a news feed there. I think ThriftKid is a good idea, and could generate revenue - but I need to figure out how to make it better and more valuable.

It needs content - real content and advice. And it needs attention.

I think about Tim Ferriss, who I criticize and admire all in the same breath. He knows how to promote, and now that he's gotten "critical mass" so that anything he talks about gets a wide audience. Famous friends, hard work a few books don't hurt. But, let's assume I don't have any famous friends or books. Looks like hard work is all I can manage.

So for ThriftKid, I'm going to keep updating and improving the site. Keep adding real value. I really do want to help increase kids fiscal literacy. But I need to find some forums and communities to get involved with to help grow the brand and share the resources with. And maybe get some help with content.

I'm still open for ideas on MeanMrMustard, though. Such a cool name, it's a shame it lacks direction.

Ok, more later!


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