Raspberry Pi 2 - Initial Thoughts

I took a few minutes to work on the Raspberry Pi 2 last night. It's a nice device. The improved processor and RAM are very noticeable, making this round of the Pi a servicable desktop replacement for web, media consumption and light development.

The first thing I was interested in was trying out Ubuntu's entry into the Pi world - Ubuntu Snappy. I'll jump right in by saying I didn't like it. I missed apt-get too much. The new paradigm of using the "snappy" command to install and manage packages irritated me, and I felt like I had less control that I have with apt. The breaking out of apps vs. framworks seems clever/meaningful, but in the end I don't know that I want or need all that handholding. Also, the repos didn't seem very robust at the moment.

Further, I struggled a little with my wifi adapter - which is the standard edimax, so I'm not sure why I wasn't easily up and running with it.

Long story short, let's format this thing and put Raspian on it.

Poof. Raspian is...Raspian. All your Debian happiness condensed onto an SD card, with nice plush repos and apt-get as your default package manager. The thing was pretty fast at boot up and in terminal - I didn't get into starting x last night, because I couldn't find a mouse to plug in (how weird is that? How many mice must I have laying around somewhere or other at this point?).

Anyway, I'm digging the new Pi. Get you one. Treat yo self.


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