Squat No More, Let's Do Something

I own a bunch of domains, as I mentioned in a previous post. Some examples:

And these are just a few. There are sooo many more.

What's the plan, Stan?

I decided last year that I was going to work hard to get content up at as many of my sites as possible, and see what shook out. In other words, let's at least get the sites online and available...that's a good first step. You might argue it's the cart before the horse - a presence without a mission. I argue that eating a frog requires that you start early in the morning. I'm getting ready to eat this frog. Plus, I'm working hard to get my programming chops back up to expert - these sites are letting me try new technology out. Like Django, Flask, and Pelican. And letting me have a reason to mess with Docker and Emberjs and other tech.

But I would like to make a buck or two. I figure if I can make enough money on my sites to pay for hosting, this will have been a good year. If I build a brand or two, or a following of any sort, then even better. And if I can actually help people like I want to do with thriftkid, then all the better.

Where I Am In The Plan

I have smithellis.com up and online. And active. I have nerdpocalypse.com online and available. It's terrible right now. I have thriftkid.com online and available, and it's somewhat useful...and hopefully will grow. Lunchpal.com and Meanmrmustard.com are dead in the water.

I hope you will come along with me as I explore making these sites into something useful and valuable. If you have ideas, you can ping me on twitter ( @smith_ellis ). You can also find me on Facebook or Google+.

More to come!


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