Smith Ellis’ Current Projects

I’m currently working on several projects.  Feel free to take a look!

UGA CVM – My day job, which involves dragging this website into the future.  It’s giant, contains multiple departments and units, and is slowly getting made mobile ready.  Good times! – My site that focuses on my general SEO consultancy.  This site, as a matter of fact.  Call me if your website needs help!

Datahammer – My SEO/Digital Marketing firm specializes in search engine optimization for lawyers.  It’s a very dedicated and niche service.  I hope to grow this business over the next twelve months into something really special.

CatFavors – This is an affiliate site where I hope to connect people with cat toys, treats and miscellaneous cat stuff.  We have three cats, so we try things out.  If they are good, I will recommend them and try to get a little affiliate money from Amazon.

KetoFoodOnline – This is another affiliate site.  My wife and I have had great success on the keto diet, and want to share it with everyone.  We also want to help folks find food they can eat.  A big gap in the keto website world seems to be a good listing of pre-fab keto snacks you can just buy over at Amazon.  We want to fill that gap, offer some knowledge, and help folks get fit!

And never forget my campaign to have my wife listed as the prettiest woman in Georgia.  No joke.  Check it out here.